Hot Pink Leopard or Tropical Toucans?

tropical toucan knitting bag

What's your best remedy for mid winter doldrums? You can't go wrong with something from the latest collection of Seaside Knitting Bags. Look for bright, cheerful colors that hint at springtime to come. There are two left of the original four Tropical Toucan bags (all slightly different and one of a kind) and only one Hot Pink Leopard.

Or perhaps it's a new project. Tania and I have been busy this week working on scrapbooks about our adventure to New York last month for Vogue Knitting LIVE! Every page we create brings back a wonderful memory! We met some great people including the staff, other vendors, and many, many new and prospective customers. We were overwhelmed by your positive responses. This was a first time experience for us and hopefully the first of many such events.

Tania and I boarded our New York bound train in Florida (my first time in a sleeper) and my sister Diana flew in from her home in Saskatchewan, Canada to meet us in the Big Apple.

It was a trip filled with laughter and new adventures, from boarding the train with an absolute mountain of luggage (in my defense I did have to transport an entire booth display!), to coping with the fast pace of an unfamiliar city (a bit heady for three small town grandmothers), to adding some extra sight-seeing days to the trip, since one of us had never been to NYC before. We didn't know what to expect from one day to the next! To say that there were a great many 'firsts' for us is an understatement. We took in a taping of The CHEW at ABC Studios, had a horse and carriage ride through Central Park on the coldest day of the year, and spent the better part of a day perusing all the fabric shops in the Garment District, where we picked up new fabrics and some fabulous buttons for the next crop of Seaside Knitting Bags. Would you believe we found a whole store devoted to nothing but buttons!

And of course we ate! Diana was our 'gofer' during the show, running out for fabulous sandwiches and some sweet treats from Carlo's Bake Shop. Juniors Restaurant in Times Square was a highlight. Their Hungarian Beef Goulash is to die for and the portions so large that we were too full to try out the cheesecake for which they are famous. Patzeria, a small Italian restaurant on 48th St. became our 'home away from home' during and following the blizzard. Super friendly staff there. Their motto is 'Come in a Stranger, Leave a Friend' and they certainly lived up to it.

Oh yes, the blizzard.....

Add to all this the blizzard of the century, which kept the two of us from Florida in New York for an extra five days until the trains were running again, and you begin to see why we needed recovery time. Tania's twin granddaughters wondered if we were still on speaking terms at the end of it! The answer is a resounding 'yes' and a more deeply cemented friendship than we had at the beginning. Not that we weren't relieved to get back to our respective homes! Diana was able to return to hers in Canada on schedule. All she left behind was the odor of burned bacon, which Tania and I 'enjoyed' (tolerated) for the next several days, but that's another story. More fuel for laughter.

Our 'blizzard knitting' has resulted in new socks for each of us. You had to know we would buy more yarn at Vogue Knitting Live, so we had a good supply with us, including some fabulous finds from KnitCircus, Dragonfly Fibers and Ewetopia, among others. Tania fell in love with a gorgeous skein of bright green yarn in the Dragonfly booth, then visibly recoiled as she read from the tag, 'Radioactive', until Diana calmly said, "I think that's the color." We can't wait to see her 'radioactive' socks, and will no doubt tease her for a long time to come! Yet more fuel for laughter!

'Knitting Party' doesn't begin to describe our enforced vacation. We were literally snowed in. Traffic was banned from NYC streets for a day. It took another day or two for clearing to begin and traffic to be moving again. Now any knitter knows that to be in a place where you have few responsibilities, no place to go, no way to get there, and a plentiful supply of yarn, knitting euphoria sets in. This was pretty close to the ideal set up and we made the most of it!

It gets the creative juices flowing and another result of our 'Knitting Party' is a new idea for some smaller project bags for things like socks. So look for those to be added to the website in the not too distant future. Stay tuned and happy knitting... or crocheting if that's what's in your bag.

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