New York, Here We Come!

What follows is a little story for my grandchildren, Grace, Maggie, William, Andy, and Christopher, as well as anyone else who would care to follow along.

You'll never guess what I found this morning! There, sitting atop the largest suitcase of knitting bags was Mr B Rabbit! He must have known there was something afoot with all the flurry of last minute sewing and packing. He has decided that he would like to join us for the trip to New York.

In case you don't know, Mr B was knitted by MY mother quite a few years ago. He is the great, great, great (I forget how many....) grandson of Mr Peter Rabbit who was knitted by my grandmother and about whom you can read in the very first post of this blog, entitled Those Ubiquitous Rabbits. It was Mr Peter who inspired my love of knitting many years ago when I was about your age, Gracie.

I suppose, given this history, Mr B's proprietary interest in Seaside Knitting Bags is understandable, so he will be making the journey. Mrs B does not care to travel so she will keep the home fires burning. Mr B has agreed to provide a travelogue for you if he is allowed to come along, and he is not to be be disuaded in any case, so the decision is made.

The travellers will be myself (Gran One), my sister, Diana (Gran Two) and our very good friend Tania (Mrs T) herself grandmother to lovely twin girls, and Mr B Rabbit of course. (Even though Gran Two became a grandmother first, I am older and it is my story, so I am claiming the title of Gran One.)

So Mrs T, along with Gran One and Mr B, will board the train tomorrow in Tampa, FL, with our heaps of luggage, to head for New York. Gran Two will board a plane from her home in western Canada and we'll all meet at Vogue Knitting LIVE! in Time Square! Mr B, you've got your work cut out for you keeping up with these three! Stay tuned for further adventures!

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