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Flashback more than 40 years. My Dad (father to all girls) arrives at my house with an unassembled pedal car for my then 18 month old son, his first grandchild. He is carrying his tools along with a set of plastic toy tools and he and my firstborn spend a wonderful morning assembling the car. No matter that it will be another year before this child can reach the pedals. I will never forget the joy on my Dad's face as he proclaimed that he had been waiting 25 years to do this!

Now, over 40 years later, I finally get it. Life comes full circle.

There is little that brings greater gladness to the heart of this mother of sons, than the opportunity to teach my granddaughters to sew and knit. I've waited years for this! While I do recall organizing the sewing of 'camoflage' outfits for my sons and their friends in years past, with the result that at least one son is pretty capable with needle and thread, nothing quite measures up to the fun of gathering dolls, some glitzy fabrics, sewing supplies, and a couple of eager granddaughters for a day of sewing. Face it. The nearest I'd come to dressing dolls as an adult, was getting GI Joe in and out of a horrible rubber wetsuit and swim fins for the bath. So a week with the granddaughters, who wanted to learn to knit and sew, was a dream made to order!

They were so excited about the costumes I made for them, and we began by hemming their dresses which were much too long. Gracie, in fact, sewed most of her hem herself. Great job! They are looking amazing dressed up as the witches from the movie, Hocus Pocus, their request for this year's Hallowe'en costumes.

teaching, sewing

Next we cut out the pieces for dresses for their dolls - front, back, sleeves and skirt, which they assembled completely by hand. It takes a long time with only a needle and thread, to sew the shoulder seams, set the sleeves into the armholes, sew up the sides and attach a gathered skirt! Both girls made good headway on their doll dresses in spite of the fact that we lost several days to a horrible attack of 'flu which left no one standing. They kept at it and have asked for patterns for pants and a top next. Well done!

They also requested knitting lessons. Twist my arm! Both mastered the knit stitch with success, and their Mom tells me that Gracie has since sewn her garter stitch rectangle into a bag. Maggie declared that "knitting is not my favorite thing, Gran." and went happily back to sewing her doll dress.

Gran can't wait for next time!

Here are the Hocus Pocus costumes. I had such fun raiding the remnant tables of my local fabric store as well as my own very large stash. There are a few fabrics here that you WON'T be seeing in the next SEASIDE KNITTING BAG collection after all!

hocus pocus costume, sarah sanderson
hocus pocus costume, winnifred sanderson
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