What's in your knitting bag?

What's in your knitting bag? A look back at my ravelry page shows that I've knit quite a few toys over the past few years with the arrival of all five grandchildren in fairly quick succession, and I'd like to share with you several of my favorites. (favorite toys that is, not grandchildren. I love them all!)

Of course, at the top of my list is my Grandma's bunny which I wrote about in the very first post on this blog.

But there are so many more......

One of the most enjoyed patterns (by this knitter and the recipient alike) is Laura Edward's Socktopus, from Knitty, Winter 2008. I love to knit socks and the eight - count them - eight socks on this little guy were so much fun, I made him twice! A great pattern, it's offered free. Just follow the link above.

Of course you can't talk about toys without mentioning Susan B. Anderson. She has so many lovely toy patterns, and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting her flamingo. It too is a free Ravelry download. From his frilly wings and tail to the I-cord legs and that sassy beak, he's a winner. Filled with a tennis ball, he's a favorite with both kids and dogs!

Finally, what child doesn't go through a 'horsey' stage? Katie Startzman of Duo Fiberworks has created a fine, beautifully crafted horse with her Dusty & Satchel - knitted and felted horses! pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting a set of six of these several Christmases ago and am gearing up to knit more! Her pattern is so clearly written and well illustrated. I also made Katie's Small Dolls so the horses even had riders!

Find my horses here on Ravelry

I still want to knit Katie's sweet sheep as well, and definitely more horses. Who knows what will find it's way into the knitting bag for Christmas 2015. I'd love to hear what's in yours.


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