Knitting Mends

Many of us have understood intuitively the healing benefits of working with our hands. Now it appears that the medical community has evidence to back it up. This video from the Craft Yarn Council is well worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch. I was astounded by the statement that 60% of the brain's surface is commited to the hands!

I often turn to knitting whenever I feel up against something over which I have no control. The one thing I can control is the making of the next stitch, and the next, and the next; and somehow that mindlessness allows new and changing thought patterns to emerge, new ways to approach whatever difficulties are present.

And, it would seem, I am not alone!

Please watch and share. Your comments are invited.

Some highlights:

'decreased risk of dementia'

'lowered heart rate and blood pressure'

'reduced burn out rate among nurses'

"raucous laughter coming from the pain clinic" (while patients were knitting)

.....and more.

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