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This is where each bag begins.

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Fabulous trip to Ireland!

seaside knitting bags

Knitting in my garden

Seaside Knitting Bags

My sewing room on a rare tidy day!

seaside knitting bags

Enjoying the local beach winter and summer.

Knitted Flamingo, Seaside Knitting Bags

I love to knit toys!

Knitted Rabbit, Seaside Knitting Bags

Grandma Rowe's famous rabbits.

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Do you think that if I brought this lovely creature home we could dispose of the lawn mower?

Seaside Knitting Bags, luxury, handcrafted, one of a kind
Seaside Knitting Bag, handcrafted, luxury, made by hand


Welcome to SEASIDE KNITTING BAGS. I make each bag from start to finish in my cottage studio on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast.  Nothing is mass produced or outsourced.  There is only me, and I craft each bag myself from beginning to end.  



I have loved textiles since I was a small child and had unlimited access to my mother's 'Rag Bag'.  It contained not only her sewing remnants, but such memorable goodies as a piece of shearling lambskin from which I attempted to make slippers for my new baby sister, and a silk scarf deemed 'too gaudy to wear'.   It was all about texture even then!  Those were my favorite playthings, and at some point the child 'playing' with fabric became a pretty skillful seamstress!  To this day, I love nothing more than working in my studio surrounded by gorgeous fabric of every description.  Simply put, I'm still playing with fabric!


I also learned to knit as a child from watching my mother and grandmother who were both expert knitters.  I knit only occasionally for many years, but with the impending arrival of my first grandchild seven years ago (now there are five!), I reawakened my childhood passion for knitting and haven't stopped since!


Find me here on Ravelry.  


As a seamstress with many years experience, I bring to my work a high level of technical skill and attention to detail not usually found in mass produced goods.  An avid knitter as well, I found my self searching for the perfect knitting bag. So began SEASIDE KNITTING BAGS....



Each bag is my favorite while I'm making it.  Using the finest available upholstery and decorator fabrics I cut the pieces for each bag, all 18 to 20 of them, individually, centering designs wherever possible.   All exterior fabrics, linings and pocket pieces are interfaced, sometimes twice if necessary, making these very substantial, firm bags. They stand well on their own so that you can conveniently knit or crochet from your SEASIDE KNITTING BAG as you would from a yarn bowl. Store patterns, yarn, needles and notions in the interior wall pockets and use the large center well for your work in progress.  


Each bag is completely lined, including the pockets.  You will never see a raw edge or an exposed seam.  There are no zippers or velcro to catch on your fine yarns.  Pockets and linings are as elegant as the exterior, often in surprising colors. Top edges are meticulously hand sewn to produce the neatest possible finish.  The bags close with a simple magnetic fastener and each is finished with a decorative button - vintage whenever possible.  Fine workmanship is evident in every detail.  


Think of your SEASIDE KNITTING BAG as an article of home decor as well.  It will look right at home next to your favorite knitting spot, be it fireside, poolside, or bedside, yet be ready to go when you are.


Designed for the customer who appreciates luxury yarns and beautiful, functional tools, every SEASIDE KNITTING BAG  is one you'll be proud to carry wherever your knitting takes you.  


I hope you will find as much enjoyment in using your  SEASIDE KNITTING BAG as I have had in its creation.  


 Margaret Sanford



Seaside Knitting Bags